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Protect and Certify your Creative Works with Mentaport

From AI to I AM


We are currently experiencing a digital renaissance, with content creation and consumption are at an all-time high. This surge in information brings immense opportunities but also significant challenges. Intellectual property is being challenged every day between fraud and the rise of AI. As the lines between authentic and generative content continue to blur, the importance of effective content curation has become paramount. With these changes, the demand for certified content is crucial in ensuring the protection of both creators and consumers in distinguishing what is real online.

At Mentaport, we're dedicated to restoring trust by enhancing the authenticity and provenance of content, ensuring that what is real stays real. We empower you to control what you consume and define what you consider authentic. Our platform protects your content from misuse—including fraud, copyright infringement, and emerging AI threats—through our advanced watermarking and certification technologies.

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Safeguard content from misuse with our invisible watermark and immutable certificates.

Immutable Certificates

At the core of Mentaport’s approach to content security is the use of blockchain technology to create certificates for each piece of content. Once a piece of content is uploaded to Mentaport, a unique digital certificate is created. This certificate records crucial information such as the creation date, the creator’s identity, and the content’s metadata. Being on a blockchain, these certificates cannot be altered or deleted, providing a permanent record of the content’s existence and ownership at the time of registration. This transparency not only facilitates the tracking of the content’s history but also ensures accountability for any changes, preventing unauthorized alterations.

Limitations of Immutable Certificates Alone

While immutable certificates provide a robust foundation for proving ownership and authenticity, they are not foolproof against misinformation and fraud. The problem arises in verifying that the content presented is indeed the content associated with a given certificate. Since anyone can create a digital certificate and claim it corresponds to a particular piece of content, additional measures are necessary to link the certificate indisputably with its content.

Role of Watermark Technology

This is where Mentaport’s watermark technology becomes essential. Watermarking involves embedding a digital marker or code into the content itself—be it audio, video, or images. This watermark is uniquely linked to its corresponding blockchain certificate and is designed to be imperceptible during normal use but detectable through specific software. This ensures that the content and its certificate are inseparably paired. If the content is altered, the watermark can be checked against the blockchain record to verify its authenticity and integrity.


To empower content creators and consumers by establishing a direct and secure connection, fostering trust and transparency in every interaction.


Mentaport is committed to protecting the authenticity of your content across all platforms.